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DAVID, is a 3RD generation Californian, he went to USC and Southwestern Law School. David’s background includes over 25 years in the financial industry as a Stockbroker, Insurance Broker & Real Estate Broker. David, also worked with his father in building up a telemarketing company called Lexi International from a 30 person operation to a global telemarketing powerhouse that had over 1400 employees before it was sold off in the late 90’s. Years later David got involved with his father once again this time in the virtual office space industry. They ran a business called Global Business Centers which catered to those looking for full-time physical office space as well as those looking for a virtual office with a Beverly Hills 90210 address. This business was sold off in 2017. Additionally, David owns a number of companies two of which are: Anything For You (AFY) & Jackets For You (JFY). AFY, is an Advertising & Marketing company which specializes in Premium Promotional Products. JFY, is a company which manufactures and sells licensed jackets for the: NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, & NASCAR. David’s Special skills include holding a Black Belt in Karate & being a SCUBA Divemaster.

ADAM SANDY VICE PRESIDENT (Cell/Text (949) 903-4003)

Beverly Hills International Group CEO, Marketing and Finance Consultant

Entertainment Industry, Movie budgets, Financing and Bridge Financing with hard asset lenders for independent movies with Executive Producers and Entertainment departments of Banks and financial institutions.

Oasis Entertainment Vice President/Marketing Director

Sales of worldwide territories for independent films and all miscellaneous areas, completion bonds, prints and advertising, Opened new markets and territories for worldwide distribution. Worked directly with Executive producers.  Consultant for CEO of Apricot Studios and their Sumitomo bankers, structured their North American distribution and marketing in North America.

Electronic Banking Systems Group VP of Marketing and Sales

Created intercontinental marketing programs for new product roll outs, designed and managed distribution outlets for newly patented communication software; implemented Updated bank-to-bank digital communications throughout Europe and Middle East.

John P. Cerna

Lucent Technologies – General Director:
Technical hardware-software systems implementation. Senior Management of a large highly technical geographical implementation team of engineering project managers.
AT&T – Senior Manager
Micro technical systems analyst, manager of technical supporting teams of systems engineers. Software and hardware systems included AT&T PBX systems including G1, Systems 75s, inclusive advance systems G3i/V2, G3’s/V2, Audix and AVP applications.

Jim S. Clover

President of M&M Business
Financial Planning, Consulting. Partnership of NuMedia Inc., wireless media – television broadcasting – worldwide markets.
President Owner of Clover brake systems.
Innovation/Inventor creator of advanced braking, owner of a chain of Franchises, full service automotive and brake outlets.

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