VIRTUAL OFFICES IN CALIFORNIA vs. Conventional Office Lease

Conventional Feature
Conventional Office: (5 Person Occupancy) Reception Area, Conference Room. Kitchen and Equipment Work Space (1,500 sq. ft.) vs. Private Executive Suite Office (375 sq. ft.)
Administrative Assistant vs. Executive Suite Staff (Office Manager, Telephone Operator, Receptionist).
Employee Benefits (Vacation, Sick Leave, Disability, Health Insurance, Training).
Equipment Leases: Photocopiers, Fax Machine, Printer, Postal Scale and Meter, etc., Telephone Equipment, Dial Tone, Voicemail (not including switch purchase) and Maintenance (Equipment varies by location)
Supplies: Maintenance contact for equipment, Paper for Fax and Copier, Developer, Toner, Ribbons, Coffee and Snack Services, etc. (assuming 500 copies per month)
General Furniture: Conference Room Table and Chairs, Reception Area, Desk & Chair for Administrative Assistant, Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffeemaker, etc.
Office Maintenance: CAM charges, Security Utilities, Repairs, Janitorial.